Have you ever wondered what it’s like to walk in your God-given purpose? To be fully liberated from the mistakes, trauma, and pain from your past? Well, author and life-coach, Kelly Bentley Dixon, is here to share with you how to walk that path. In her new book, Destined for Greatness: How to Tap Into Your God-Given Power and Purpose (Cannon Publishing), Bentley Dixon essentially lays out, in seven stages, a journey from inception to the manifestation of God’s promise to us. In the book, she writes, “Our greatness is not according to our family history of circumstances, but it is freely given to us by God.” The author gives readers an abundance of these sorts of reminders to whom we belong. Bentley Dixon begins each chapter with the word definition that relates that stage, and she laces Bible scriptures throughout the chapters. The most refreshing aspect of the book, though, is the positive affirmations, prayers, and written exercises at the end of every chapter, allowing the reader to interact with the content.

I am ready to receive your power to fulfill my purpose.
-Affirmation, pg. 31, Destined for Greatness

She shares, “This book is an exploration for those who are seeking their purpose, those who perhaps know what their purpose is, but are stuck and haven’t yet accepted their purpose.”

Bentley Dixon began her exploration to walk in His purpose as a girl growing up in New Orleans’ 7th Ward when she learned from her father, the power of prayer. She describes her father as not very religious in the book but remembers him kneeling in prayer for hours at a time.

In retrospect, Bentley Dixon realizes that God had been calling her to her higher purpose all along. As one of the first female trumpet players in the well known Andrew J. Bell Jr. High School Marching Band, and only during her period, she discovered at an early age the challenges a woman faces in a male-dominated endeavor. She would go on to be the only female trumpeter in Joseph S. Clark Sr. High School‘s Marching Band. While at Clark, she was also a Lieutenant Colonel in the Junior R.O.T.C., was the school’s first Miss J.R.O.T.C., received a commission from West Point Military Academy, and was the only girl on Clark’s powerlifting team. But her most interesting anecdote shared while at Clark involves her walking up to her, still, best friend, Tomiko Breston, and saying, “you’re running for the Homecoming Court? Great! I’ll be your campaign manager.” Proof that she was created to live in His purpose as a leader and motivator.

Bentley Dixon would go on to continue her studies at Grambling State University, ultimately attaining a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, and All-American athletic honors in powerlifting. It was at Grambling where she leaned into the voice of God, joined a church family, and was eventually called to the ministry. “It was difficult for me to accept that He was calling me to do the things that He was calling me to do because a lot of them were things that I was the first in my family to do,” Bentley Dixon shares. In Destined for Greatness, she compares our calling by God to that of Moses being called by God to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt.

Lord, please help me to recognize and know that I was created in your image and given greatness by you. Help me to realize that it does not matter how I was conceived when I was born or the family I was born into. For you are my creator and giver of life. You created me in your image and blessed me with greatness. I believe and receive all that you have given me. In Jesus Name, Amen.
Prayer from Destined for Greatness

But her calling to the ministry was met with contentions, like being a woman and adorning a natural hairstyle. Bentley Dixon did not expect them. In her current fully liberated stance and with great clarity, she is now able to share with her life coaching clients that, “Anything that God is for, the enemy is against.” She would go on to say, “everybody is not excited about what God is doing in our lives.” These and other challenges, like losing her father and going through a tumultuous divorce, have prepared Bentley Dixon for every stage – Inception, Acceptance, Intro to Power & Purpose, Contention, Authentication, Liberation, and Manifestation – en route to her greatness.

She leaves us with some useful words, “Your purpose is being fully liberated in who God created you to be, celebrating that purpose, and fulfilling and walking in it.”

Today, Kelly Bentley Dixon is seeing the manifestation of God’s Power & Purpose, as she is a faith-based life coach and the author of Destined for Greatness. She has a t-shirt line and is currently working on a second manuscript.

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