It's That Time of the Year!

Elevate your holiday greetings with our African-American Christmas Cards, featuring art by the artistic talent Charles Collins Jr. in two unique designs!

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African-American Christmas Cards

This card showcases the Holy Family through the exceptional artistry of Collins Collins Jr. With the serene manger scene, it exquisitely captures the true essence of the season.

This striking card vividly captures the essence of Jesus and his disciples, adorned with a touch of grace—a radiant golden bracelet on his wrist. A dazzling and meaningful masterpiece for the season that truly comes to life!

Multicultural Christmas Cards

A Bit of Christmas Card History

Louis Prang, known as the "father of the Christmas card," commenced card sales in 1875, reaching a staggering five million annually by 1881. Prang pioneered design competitions, featuring renowned artists like John La Farge, Stanford White, and Louis Comfort Tiffany. Early 20th-century cards, ranging from whimsical to solemn, conveyed personal messages between givers and receivers.

According to Ahuvia, early art was defined as "the creation of something beautiful for its decorative effect." Despite being commercial products, these cards were considered works of art. Greeting cards transformed the tradition, enabling the public to share beauty without the need for intricate craftsmanship or significant wealth. This evolution birthed a new art form with boundless possibilities, placing it into the hands of millions.

In 1910, the Hall brothers—Joyce (J.C.), Rollie, and William—initiated their greeting card venture with designs stored in two shoeboxes in Kansas City, Mo. By 1915, their business expanded significantly. After a fire setback, they reopened in 1917, aiming to enhance the personal touch of letter writing. Their innovation included selling cards enclosed in envelopes and foldable designs, departing from the conventional open-faced cards. This introduced the element of surprise with concealed messages and extended love notes beneath the card's cover.