The other day Diddy posted a meme on his Instagram that read, “If we don’t inspire, motivate or support one another, we have no business being in contact.” His words resonated with me because I thought they rang true. Why are we in contact with people who aren’t inspiring, motivating or supporting? All three are free.

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Inspiration is the manifestation of God’s beauty; motivation is what gets you moving on your dream, and support is the actual step that you take to assure abundance is recurrent. Creatives often wonder why they aren’t getting the support from family, friends, and other connections after launching a project or enterprise. My advice is when you create or build, do it with passion. Make sure your product or service is up to your standards, and make sure they are kept high. Put one foot in front the other, do your diligence, and keep moving.

Diddy inspired by New York City

The adage goes, “If you build it, they will come,” which is not all true. Once you have an idea, you have to nurture it with time, attention, effort and thought. Take Mark Kuhn, who fell in love with Wimbledon as a child after listening to shortwave radio broadcasts with his grandfather on their Iowa farm. Fascinated by the grass courts, Kuhn would later in life travel to London for an internship with the Wimbledon grounds crew. A year and a half later, Kuhn had created a perfect replica of Wimbledon’s Centre Court. Kuhn told CBS News that he was as “…surprised as anyone when, after he built it, they came from around the world to play on his court of dreams.” Without passion, that would not have been possible.

But what about your dream? What about what Diddy said? Making the best of relationships and being around like-minded people is fuel for our goals. There’s no space for ambivalence, envy, or hater-ation. Please share your projects in the comments section below for our readers to support.

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