Prepare to be captivated by a carefully curated playlist of live Prince performances from 1982 to 2013. This playlist allows fans to immerse themselves in the alluring world of Prince and experience his electrifying energy through these live recordings.

The playlist features sixteen carefully chosen performances, each representing a unique moment in Prince's illustrious career. From the indelible "Little Red Corvette" performed by Prince and The Revolution in Syracuse, NY, to the glamorous collaboration with Sheila E. on "A Love Bizarre," this collection showcases Prince's brilliance at the height of his career.

One of the hidden gems within the playlist is the hauntingly beautiful soundcheck of "The Ladder" live at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. This rare find provides a glimpse into Prince's concert preparation, allowing listeners to witness the meticulous attention to detail that made his live shows near perfect.

Live Prince Performances: A Carefully Curated Playlist

Prince's ability to address social issues and evoke powerful emotions through his music shines, especially in the politically charged "America" performance from 1985. It is a testament to Prince's commitment to using his platform for social commentary.

In 1999, His Royal Badness did "She's Always In My Hair" at Paisley Park.

From the infectious funk of "17 Days" at the Los Angeles Forum in 2011 to the seductive allure of "Let's Pretend We're Married," The Purple One's versatility as a musician is on full display. He effortlessly weaves various genres and musical styles, creating a captivating sonic experience.
In a moment of musical tribute, Prince seamlessly blends his hit "Cool" with Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2013. This homage showcases the High Priest of Pop's respect for his peers and highlights his ability to honor their legacies while maintaining his unique sound and style.

Of course, no Prince playlist would be complete without early Prince classics like "Automatic" and "Let's Pretend We're Married." Performances such as "I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man" and "Housequake" also remind us of the timeless appeal and infectious energy that made the Prince of Funk a global phenomenon.

The carefully curated playlist culminates with the iconic "1999," leaving listeners spellbound and yearning for more of Prince's musical genius.

Video Track Listing

  1. Prince & The Revolution - Little Red Corvette (Live in Syracuse, NY, 3/30/85)
  2. Prince & The Revolution w/Sheila E. -A Love Bizarre (LIVE)
  3. Prince - America (Live 1985) [Official Video]
  4. Prince - She's Always In My Hair (Live At Paisley Park, 1999)
  5. Prince & The Revolution - Anotherloverholenyohead
  6. Prince - 17 Days (Live At The Los Angeles Forum, April 28, 2011)
  7. Prince - Let's Pretend We're Married (Official Music Video)
  8. Prince - The Ladder (Soundcheck)
  9. Prince - Cool (incl Michael Jackson's Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough at Montreux 2013)
  10. Prince - Willing And Able (Official Music Video)
  11. Prince - Automatic (Official Music Video)
  12. Prince - I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (Official Music Video)
  13. Prince - Housequake (Live at Paisley Park 12/31/1987) [Official Video]
  14. Prince - The Bird (Live At The Los Angeles Forum, April 28, 2011)
  15. Prince - Take Me With U/Raspberry Beret (Live At Paisley Park, 1999)
  16. Prince - 1999 (Live at The Summit, Houston, TX, 12/29/1982)