Exhibition Canvas paper (395gsm)
This heavyweight canvas is perfect for printing large, high-quality reproductions of artworks like oil paintings, acrylic paintings, and photographs. It's made of an acid-free, lignin-free cotton-poly blend, and it offers a refined texture, a non-reflective matte surface, and a brilliant white point. With an exceptionally high Dmax and a broad color gamut, it faithfully captures even the most intricate details of your artwork. It's sturdy enough to allow for gallery wrap stretching.

Hot Press Bright paper (330 gsm)
If you're looking for rich, vibrant artwork and photography pieces, look no further than this acid-free, 100% cotton paper. It provides an excellent white point and contrast ratio that meets the meticulous demands of fine art photographers while duplicating the genuine appearance and texture of original oil, acrylic, mixed media artworks, and drawings. Epson Hot Press Bright produces exceptional print quality, offering deep blacks and a wide color gamut. It's perfect for fine art and photographic reproduction prints that require a bright white appearance.

Somerset Velvet paper (255 gsm)
Renowned for its luxurious and distinctive texture, this paper is ideal for artists and photographers aiming to create high-quality prints with a tactile dimension. It reproduces watercolor and colored pencil artwork particularly well, as well as any fine art that requires a textured paper look. Made from 100% cotton and acid-free materials, Somerset Velvet paper ensures that prints last a long time without yellowing or fading. Its soft, velvety texture adds depth and richness to fine art reproductions that are difficult to achieve with other paper types.

Legacy Platine (314gsm)
This is a premium fine art paper specifically designed for fine art photography. Made from 100% cotton fiber, it has a distinctive texture and feel that adds elegance to your photographs. The paper features a smooth satin finish with a pristine white base, which allows colors to pop and details to be captured with exceptional clarity. Legacy Platine produces deep, rich blacks (Dmax), which results in a wider color gamut. Notably, this paper has exceptional image permanence and durability, ensuring that your prints remain pristine for generations without fading or deteriorating. Legacy Platine is an excellent choice for producing museum-quality photography.

Poster paper (175 gsm)
This paper is perfect for creating captivating signs, posters, and displays. Its low-glare satin finish gives it a professional appearance, making it an excellent choice for personal and business purposes. You can expect sharp details, brilliant colors, and instant drying, which saves valuable time on your printing projects. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to handle, allowing you to create and display your work effortlessly.