At the pace he’s going, Sterling K. Brown is going to be the most decorated black actor in television history. In addition to his two Emmy Awards for outstanding lead and outstanding supporting actors, the “This Is Us” leading man just snagged another award: The Screen Actor’s Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series.

Sterling K. Brown sheds real tears of joy

For Brown, the night was made even more special when his show, “This Is Us,” took home the big award for outstanding ensemble. The moment brought the Stanford University-trained and Tisch School of the Arts actor to tears. In that humbling moment, Brown said, “I’m so happy…my cast has been so supportive of me on an individual track, that the fact that we get a chance to share in this moment together, aw man, I can’t stop crying, I really can’t stop crying.”

For his portrayal of Randall Pearson, a little black boy adopted at birth by a working-class white family, Brown swept the major awards for lead actor; he won The Emmy, the Golden Globe, and The SAG. He even took home The NAACP Image Award and the Critic’s Choice.

As real tears fell down his face, you got a sense of how the cast’s camaraderie and a quest for excellence, together, birthed one of America’s greatest TV dramas. A testament that acting really is a collaborative art.

Niecy Nash announcing Sterling K. Brown as the SAG winner “’cause he black”

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