Building an art collection is a personal journey that enables enthusiasts to explore diverse options and find pieces that align with their tastes and values. From original artwork to giclées, collectors have a wide range of choices. Collectors can curate a collection that reflects their unique personality and style by selecting pieces that meet their needs and preferences.

Acquiring a new piece of art can be a thrilling experience, filled with the joy of discovering something beautiful, culturally significant, or emotionally powerful. Artwork can hold personal meaning for collectors and represent a connection to their identity, culture, or values. Others may be drawn to a piece that speaks to a specific cause, such as environmental activism or social justice. Whether it is an original masterpiece, a limited edition fine art print, or an art decor piece, art offers a unique opportunity to connect with something greater than oneself and express one's identity and values. By collecting art, we can experience the satisfaction and fulfillment of acquiring something unique and meaningful that links us to our past, present, and future.

Mama Suma, original art by Charles Collins, Jr., Oil on canvas, 2003.

Giclée of Mama Suma on canvas, stretched and coated.

Original fine art includes paintings, drawings, and mixed media creations, amongst other mediums. These unique works capture the artist's vision, style, and technique, making them highly prized by collectors. The rarity of original fine art often contributes to its value. It attracts a diverse range of investors and collectors, from those who appreciate art's beauty and emotion to those who view their acquisitions as long-term financial investments. Collecting original fine art allows one to own a piece of history and feel a personal affinity to the artist's creative journey.

Giclée coming off the printer. "And This Too Shall Pass," Charles Collins, Jr., Archival Print, 2007.

Fine art prints, also known as giclées, are a more accessible and affordable option for art enthusiasts looking to acquire pieces that match their preferences and budget. While original fine art represents the highest artistic expression, fine art prints allow individuals to own a high-quality representation of an artist's work at a more affordable price. Collectors and enthusiasts drawn to fine art prints appreciate the ability to own a piece that closely resembles the original and captures the artist's vision and intent with remarkable accuracy. Giclées showcase the intersection of art and innovation, evolving with technological progress.

When considering the value of different art categories, giclées often emerge as the best value proposition for collectors. While original fine art, such as the works of Jean-Michel Basquiat, can command staggering prices due to their rarity and historical significance, giclées provide a more budget-friendly option without sacrificing quality. In contrast, art decor is considered more of a disposable commodity than a valuable addition to a collection due to its mass-produced nature and use of non-archival materials.

Giclées on Hot Press Bright fine art paper by Caroline Chinakwe.

ArtSpace Prints supports artists and collectors with high-quality giclée and fine art printing services. The company digitizes and produces limited edition giclée prints of artists' work, enabling them to reach a wider audience and generate additional revenue. In addition, they help artists prepare their artwork for sale on various platforms such as art markets and festivals. ArtSpace Prints also allows collectors to experience the exceptional work of Charles Collins Jr. through authentic reproductions, providing them exclusive access to his original fine art and giclées.


Paul Goodnight and Charles Bibbs are two successful artists who have used giclée prints to showcase their work to a broader audience. By leveraging the accessibility and affordability of giclées, they have connected with art enthusiasts who may not have had access to their original pieces. Both artists have built successful careers and loyal followings using giclées to promote their work, highlighting the value and impact that fine art prints can have on an artist's career.

Art offers a unique opportunity to connect with something greater than oneself, to express one's identity, and to make a statement about one's values. The fascinating realm of original fine art and giclées offer diverse art that can appeal to various tastes and budgets, making it possible to access and enjoy high-quality art in all its forms.