As we approach the holiday season, we are filled with joy, love, and timeless traditions. It's a time to cherish moments with family and friends, sharing stories and heartfelt connections. Charles Collins Jr.'s art is a beautiful addition to the holiday scenery.

African-American Christmas Cards

African-American Christmas Cards - Blessed Family

Charles Collins Jr. was a talented artist who passionately brought the holiday season to life through his breathtaking portrait of the Holy Family. His art captures the true spirit of the season with great depth. For Charles Collins Jr., the holidays weren't just mere dates on the calendar. Instead, they were moments when the magic of togetherness, love, and faith filled the air.

The portrayal of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in his artwork goes beyond mere imagery. It reflects his deep reverence for the story of the Holy Family. When you gaze upon his work, you feel the love and devotion that went into creating these masterpieces. It's as though he invites you to become part of the story, to experience the essence of the holidays through the eyes of the Holy Family.

Charles Collins, Jr. Self Portrait. 2003.

In every piece of Charles Collins Jr.'s artwork, you can feel the love and devotion that went into his process. His artwork is a testament to the importance of creativity in our lives, especially during the holidays. It bridges the gap between our everyday lives and the ethereal beauty of the season.

The captivating portrayal of Jesus with his disciples, accentuated by a beautiful gold bracelet on his wrist, adds an element of elegance and spirituality to his artwork, creating a connection between the past and the present.

Make your loved ones feel special this holiday season by sending them Charles Collins Jr.'s African-American Christmas Cards. Each card is a unique piece of art that can be framed in an 8x10 frame with a mat. The sets come with LUXPaper Envelopes in Holiday Red that will add a festive touch to your warm wishes. These cards are perfect for celebrating the season with spirituality and style. Spread the joy of the holiday season with a thoughtful and stylish card from Charles Collins Jr.'s collection, available now at dailycommune.